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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; whether in products or in marketing, two giant rival sporting goods market Nike and Adidas, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in the marketing battle outside the arenas described as brilliant. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike "betting" type of sponsorship section, there may be a popular star and sports teams, requiring spokesperson or endorsements team wear Nike apparel in the game in order as spokesperson or endorsement of the team's win with shining; Adidas, then won all championship teams wearing Adidas clothing on the podium interests, because it is the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games sporting goods sponsor. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas and Nike, but not smoke "marketing life and death battle", once aroused doubts, noting the two companies so shirtless against for brand promotion and competition, whether there Meaning? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the business community is the only constant in the competition, which is any one company can not escape the inevitable choice, whether active or passive face jordan 3 katrina 2018 the challenge. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; as a business, rather than passive competition is better to take the initiative to get the initiative, which is why McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken to be glued, the reason for close combat. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Also, Coca-Cola and Pepsi also uphold this concept of competition. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; competition is not to set opponents to death, but to cultivate their ability to survive and cope with the crisis, and to maximize the potential of mining and stimulate business development. In a sense, the competition is for the common bigger. Like Beijing Olympic sponsors and non-sponsors Adidas, Nike this old rivals, precisely because they are such a situation showdown between corporate giants, only two sports-oriented enterprises sweeping global markets, bigger and bigger fruits.gradually trained to ride on an empty stomach to be of great benefit, but also pay attention to the skills of fasting riding skills. term explanation: fasting cycling term is "fasting training" jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black (training fasted), mainly refers to the beginning of training before the intake of only a very small amount of non carbohydrate foods. principle: during a training ride, the body will use two energy storage: glycogen, source to your intake of carbohydrates is the priority of physical consumption of energy; fat -- this is quite stable in vivo source of energy. Gradually adapt to this training mode, in the premise of maintaining speed or frequency constant, your body will be more and more efficient intake of energy from fat. (in other words also means that you can have fat) benefits: in the process of riding, when glycogen is depleted, the body's carbohydrate is not enough to continue to provide glycogen, the body will forced to burn fat to obtain energy, can ensure energy efficient use. If things go on like this in the body gradually adapt, will help promote glycogen storage. specifically how to do: from Loughborough University's sports nutritionist / exercise physiologist asker Jeukendrup doctor advice before breakfast buy cheap jordans online do fast training ride. General to 60 minutes is appropriate, the longest not more than 90 minutes, riding the attention to control the rhythm, in order to be able to do without breathing for standard. after the end of the ride recovery: after the end of the ride 30-60 minutes to eat, the carbohydrate and protein intake of 4:1 ratio (such as peanut butter bread), you can effectively supplement the carbohydrate. 60-90 minutes in a timely manner to add water can accelerate the recovery. when to stop training: fast training than conventional training needs more time to recover, easy to damage the health of overtraining. Dr. Jeukendrup Asker suggested that, if you are riding a long distance ride, 1-2 times a week to train almost twice a week. If you are preparing for a race or a high intensity training, then do not do the fast training - and then the best drivers also need to eat enough carbohydrates to support high intensity training and riding.Size, the trend shoe store in the world, is famous for selling limited shoes, and cheap foamposites recently brought us a new special series, Converse Breakpoint OX. Was born in 1975 in the Converse Classic Trainer retro sneakers for the design blueprint, to create the basketball culture 70s Chuck Taylor tribute to the upper cover with full texture of coarse wool suede shoes, white side blessing smooth and clean "star arrow" of Star logo, and also assisted by striking shoes after Star Chevron logo, equipped with white coarse grain sole, so that the overall outline of more modern minimalist. Bring a total of five colors, red, grey, brown, blue and black, the Converse Breakpoint OX series will be UK on October 24th by size? Online exclusive sale, a friend may wish to love. f12b2aa688adc85c3b1894038f42ce30.jpg (167.39 KB, download times: 12) download attachment Converse, Breakpoint, OX, x, size, joint new 2014-10-22 upload at 14:40 eb353528cfeb3ba4d985bfd75b85543d.jpg (141.83 KB, download times: 12) download attachment Converse, Breakpoint, OX, x, size, joint new 2014-10-22 upload at 14:40 c23f69e82d418c98979cb Retro jordans for sale 9695be07f49.jpg (145.84 KB, download times: 12) download attachment Converse, Breakpoint, OX, x, size, joint new 2014-10-22 upload at 14:40 bd875216a2e71a2c7a7036b759b07f88.jpg (133.69 KB, download times: 12) download attachment Converse, Breakpoint, OX, x, size, joint new 2014-10-22 upload at 14:40 6073476ecfa0308570ebc95c6e〉The famous sports brand ASICS's classic shoes Gel Lyte V recently brought a new shoe newly -- "Fiery Red", which is following the ASICS cooperation with Fieg shoe designer Ronnie Gel Lyte V "Volcano", designed by the ASICS version of red shoes. The shoes are made of fire red color, supplemented by gray, yellow and white, and made of leather and mesh. Has been released the double "Fiery Red" very occasional moment approaching the lunar new year, put on its booming usher in the year of the horse! 2014_ASICS_GLV_JAN-8_1024x1024.jpg (116.26 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-1-8 upload at 15:17 2014_ASICS_GLV_JAN-6_1024x1024.jpg (113.94 KB, download times: 0) down Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale load attachment 2014-1-8 upload at 15:17 2014_ASICS_GLV_JAN-7_1024x1024.jpg (104.87 KB, download times: 1) download attachment 2014-1-8 upload at 15:17 2014_ASICS_GLV_JAN-9_1024x1024.jpg (63.49 KB, download times: 1) download attachment 2014-1-8 upload at 15:17 item: BB6846 release date: July 22nd adidas-nmd-r2-trace-cargo-future-harvest-1.jpg (372.32 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas, NMD, R2, Trace, CargoDwyane new shoes Jordan Wade D-Reign 2013-12-08 22:04:45 Jordan Brand Wade to build a new shoes Jordan Wade D-Reign, the design elements followed the Jordan Fly Wade 2, Wade my element still appears on every detail point, the toe and the heel patent leather It is eye-catching, also canceled configured before Jordan Fly Wade 2 Lunarlon, is known for its speed breakthrough Dwyane provides support, I believe Wade can wear it into the finals.A Bathing Ape Foot Soldier Hi shoes debut 2013-12-08 23:18:25 Japanese fashion giant A Bathing Ape has brought us a new Foot Soldier Hi, shoes with cl jordans on sale online assic Clarks Trek is modeled shape, equipped on striking jagged outsole, the trend in today's era of diversification, we also see the brand A Bathing Ape and change trend from above this very stylish shoes, in order to cater to a variety of consumers different tastes. It is reported that the shoe will be on sale from May 18 in the major Bape stores in Asia. adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott shoes debut new wings 2013-12-08 22:56:03 every time adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott JS Wings Shoes although all mixed, but every time you launch it had to admit can be the first time catch our eye. This adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott is also all new exception, dubbed & nbsp; & quot; Hologram & quot; the JS Wings & nbsp; shoes sport a variety of colors blue red yellow and other hybrid build, to create a rainbow visual experience. It is reported that this shoe is expected next month on sale. Air Jordan 10 "Doernbecher" Tomorrow sale 2013-12-09 00:04:00 As Nike x Doernbecher Freestyle tenth anniversary of one of eight pairs of sho cheap air jordans es & nbsp; Doernbecher x Air Jordan 10 upon exposure to very popular, small designer & nbsp; Daniel Pena to BMX tire imprint design inspiration, shoes In particular coating surface highly personalized. The shoes will be the highly anticipated November 23 officially on sale, priced at $ 170, number 636214-066, like a friend not to miss. Fun dress series hit color, rich mixed colors suit, black sweater with a long paragraph printed legging have revealed the idea of ??the supremacy of holiday comfort. Boys series flagship zipper sweater, hedging hoodies and jackets, unique camouflage print make-lined hoodie deformation under heavy coat render layering. Comfortable design and fabrics to make your holiday travel modeling easy to build. It is worth mentioning that this series of men and women throughout the white shoes are thick crust and high-top element, whether it is warm fur lining men, or girls modeling snow boots, let the autumn and winter street light and comfortable dress.Today, Under Armour as its sign type spok air jordan 11 space jam for sale esperson Stephen. Curry launched Curry One "black" don't note color boots before drying out of the library double spy, and later with the Nuggets "Adorable God" is the debut battle and wore it has a decent play. The shoes are made of silver and gray. The shoes are made up of black and detail, and finally appear in white big bottom. The brand uses color matching perfectly to reflect the important theme of "black month". At present, the specific information on the sale of the shoes has not yet released, interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention to the perfect follow-up reports.Last week on Nike LeBron 12 EXT "wheat" has been widely praised by everyone and a day before the brand again with Nike LeBron 12 as a blueprint, do this with rubber material to build a new pair of shoes, James's hometown of Akron was the world's largest production base of rubber, this point the shoes are the perfect embodiment of heel on the 330 is the city code, the sale of the black version, I do not know when James earlier wearing re jordans on sale mens d and white models will in the later time, the shoes will be officially in April 25th sale. recently when visiting the microblogging, found love running Ivy Chen Bo below there are always many envy envy hate children sometimes yangtianzhangtan: "Why are you running leg not thicker!" Sometimes, a curious baby: "how to run the same crude legs?". Xiaobian the envy of other people with tiny legs big legs at the same time, also think it is necessary for everyone to look at science and how to run to constant small thick legs? 1. where your leg coarse than others? we first from a macro perspective of the first leg, head right, and then have the muscle and fat. This part of the three major components of any large volume, it may cause your leg...... Is a skeleton? Is the fat? Or more muscle? So, you say you Tuicu, may be the first to understand what is the three in which one or even two big, make your legs appear rough. Generally speaking, fat is the main reason for women with thick legs. 2. why are your legs thicker than others? then the focus is on, why other people's legs are hot Mody, on your legs thick? Take a look at three important reasons, one may let you move back in the thick legs on the road...... A. genetic factors some girls may is not fat, face small waist, thin may even there vest line, anyway whole body is how thick, is thick legs! For this younger sister paper, small series can only regret to tell you that this is too difficult to change the situation...... Because, "God" has made you so...... Like Gloria Tang, Xiao Bian think she might be such a sister paper (fans please pat). B. muscular this is a lot of sister paper the most hated his own place. To tell you the truth, women because of the male hormone level is low, muscle growth, it is more difficult, said his leg because of thick muscular, is often subjective. We see the calf "Zhuangzhuang" bodybuilding is through hard high load strength training. At the same time with a good diet, and some agents and even drugs in order to achieve. The single foot heel this only against the weight of its own strength training, to train a large muscle is unlikely. Besides, there is separation of the legs is good leg muscles! It is at best white fat! The is not just like girls thick leg muscle never mind it? Is actually not difficult, muscle long, does not mean it is not long; large muscle long muscle increased degree of small amplitude is possible. Those who usually do not exercise often calf muscle weak, if you start running, due to the action of TiC strengthened for calf exercise, muscles may slightly increase. But for women, running this aerobic exercise to thicken the calf is then lost, with the naked eye is almost invisible. many women because sedentary hip and core muscle weakness, running very hard with the core and hip muscle force, resulting in too much leg. "Nike Flyknit Racer, one of the most popular shoes, 2016-12-24 13:54:37 debut next spring Nike is about to launch the white version of Flyknit Racer next spring. Shoes will undoubtedly become one of the hottest styles. The white Flyknit upper should be matched with the logo and shoelace of the same color, and more "Sail" milk white ornament appears at the bottom. Finally, the black outsole is chosen to complete the overall design. At present, there is no more information on the sale of shoes, information, like friends may wish to pay attention to. 〈br three="" color="" synchronized="" shelves!="" adidas="" originals="" nmd_xr1="" series="" 2017-03-27="" 11:24:34adidas Originals NMD XR1 released this season again for the three new color design, respectively in black, grey and dark blue tone, and choose Primeknit material with depth of knitted lines on both sides of the shoe body with a streamlined, plastic stent in contrast, and then with shoes is eye-catching red for embellishment. As for the soles, in addition to the gray version of the white BOOST outsole, the other two are black ColorBOOST show people, for the overall design bonus points. It is learnt that these three shoes will be sold exclusively at JD Sports, and the favorite friends can not be missed.

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