Call Centre Consulting

"The challenges faced by the Telecommunications industry are symptomatic of the digital world. Hyper-competition, high dependence on content, convergence of voice, video, and data, capital hungry business strategies, and uncontrollable customer churn. Focusing on customer experience can have a refreshing impact on customer retention and hence profitability."


Providing quality customer service is a differentiating factor in the competitive landscape. Career Shine Global builds value for its clients by helping them achieve higher revenues and improved customer satisfaction through our pre- and post-sales services. Career Shine Global offers services to generate leads, create up- and cross-sell opportunities and measure customer satisfaction to help you achieve and exceed your business objectives.


we understand the importance of each customer interaction and effective problem resolution. We enhance customer experience from first contact to final resolution by serving customers through prompt, accurate and complete responses. Our operations leverage a full range of contact center technologies, such as client/media interactions, data management and analysis, infrastructure and security, including automated solutions, such as IVR and automatic email handling, to facilitate differentiated customer contact handling.

    Our BPO service can help your business by . . .
  • Exploring new sectors and markets in a cost-effective manner
  • Supporting the business with 24-hour customer support service
  • Enhancing the performance, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of customer management and associated technical support functions