"Career Shine, a global leader in business process Recruitment Consulting, uses process to help its clients power intelligence across their enterprise.Providing services is our widespread understanding of every aspect of solution we provide sets us spaced out .Which leads to improved performance by implementing business solutions endow with by us .More than ever, we are now presented with the opportunity to evolve; to deploy technology for achieving inclusive growth; to ignite bright minds that solve problems of global significance; to collaborate and to innovate."


We aspire to continue on the same path this year and in the years to come with unflagging zeal and boundless energy to significantly increase our pace of growth. Key management focus will be provided to the existing methods of the organization, to ensure an increase in the company scales and to contribute meaningfully to the overall business.

Company Overview

Career Shine Global Pvt Ltd leverages on its technology solutions that best suit our clients and provide them with operational excellence. We offer the benefit of efficiency and increased efficacy to all our clients, which help them to meet their needs in a timely and cost-effective way.


Our biggest differentiators is our approach to "extending your enterprise." We understand that working the way our clients work is key to outsourcing success. Clients elect to partner with us quite simply because our management practices, systems and processes are geared to a simple fact - Recruitment succeeds when the provider works hand-in-hand with the client, bringing new processes and systems, new performance-enhancing techniques and skills, fundamentally solving business problems and moving the dial together, and not imposing their culture.